HTML to XML Converter


This is the simplest and one of the powerful HTML to XML converter with advanced features and perfection. The user-friendly and responsive design makes it the best XML converter on the web.

HTML is widely used as the main markup language for website designing. XML is also used along with HTML in various applications, as in the case of blogger we have to depend upon XML for data management and HTML for structuring.
Please click clear button before trying to convert other HTML codes and make sure that the convert button is in ready state ie Red – Active and Ash – Inactive

How to use HTML to XML Converter

Our XML converter is very useful to use and doesn’t need any manual settings. Just paste your HTML text/code and Press the convert button.

  1. Paste the HTML code in the text area
  2. Click Convert
  3. Copy XML code That’s all
  4. Hit Clear and convert as much as you want

Adsense HTML Codes can be easily converted into its XML form using this method.