AliExpress Buying Guide for Newbies [2019]


aliexpress buying guide

Aliexpress is one of the best online shopping sites which offer tons of electronics and other gadgets including household items at the cheapest price. It is famous for electronics product like consumer electronics, Mobile parts, hobby parts and tools etc.

In this post, I will share some of Tips and suggestions for buying the best products from Aliexpress without any problems. There are lots of cheap products available in Aliexpress and most of the electronics product available in other online shopping website originates from China, So Aliexpress is sometimes the best choice when money becomes a factor.

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AliExpress Buying Guide

Aliexpress is entirely different from most of the other online shopping websites and some of the features are far better and some needs improvement. Please read the below tips for understanding the full deals and conditions of Aliexpress Shopping Website.

11.11 Aliexpress

Mobile Benefits


Aliexpress provide additional benefit for those purchasing from their mobile app. So don’t forget to grab this benefit if you are planning to purchase something. There are some mobile only deals which provide descent discounts.

Clone Versions

Everyone knows that Aliexpress have some clone versions of different products but some people don’t know about this and they complain after their purchase. (Read the product description carefully)

Clone version have every features of the original product but some feels it waste of money, but in my personal experience clone products also worked well.

Note: Clone versions would work perfectly and its affordable in many cases.

Store Coupons and Promotional Sale


There are many coupons available for the different store. So don’t miss to check the store for any available coupons. The new user has a coupon for their first purchase.

Payment Method

Visa / Master card (with international transaction enabled) is essential for Transactions.

Shipping Time and Methods


Aliexpress has many types of shipping method like DHL, EMS, AliExpress standard and free shipping(Month or more) for most of the products. For faster Shipping Method you would have to pay money if the seller doesn’t offer the same with free.

If you cant afford huge shipping charges go for atleast China Post Ordinary Small Pocket Plus which is quite fast in most of the cases (21 days in my case).

Tips for Buying Good Products

Most importantly just looking at the pictures we can judge the whole product some of the parts shown might be included for display purposes .so one must read the description before buying any products.

  1. Look for maximum sellers, there are more than 1 lakh sellers unlike in other shopping websites so there would be another seller providing same product for the lesser price.
  2. Always choose the product after looking into the reviews.
  3. Choose the seller with maximum ratings.
  4. If you need fast shipping additional money should be spent on shipping.

In my personal experience, all products I purchased are worth for money and worked well.


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